Malay Literature: Volume 23 Number 1 June 2010

July 1, 2010
NIK HASLINDA NIK HUSSAIN ( School of Humanities, Universiti Sains Malaysia.
Law and Peace Treaty Manipulations By Dutch Colonisers on Native Indonesians: A Study on Mochtar Lubis’s Selected Works
Abstract The Dutch colonisation of Indonesia from 1814 until independence on 27th December 1949 has been described by historians and writers alike as a long, dark period of bitter strife and suffering for the Indonesian people. Mochtar Lubis, a famous Indonesian journalist and novelist reenacts the suffering of his people at the hands of the colonisers in his creative works, focusing especially on the latter’s deceitful manipulation of the law to negate peace treaties signed between the Dutch authorities and local indigenous leaders. Such duplicity was undertaken chiefly to benefit the usurpers whilst oppressing the Indonesian people. Among the treaties signed which the Dutch used to hoodwink the locals were the Renville Agreement and the Linggardjati Agreement. Mochtar Lubis immortalises their treachery in his works such as Jalan Tak Ada Ujung (Road With No End), Tidak Ada Esok (No Tomorrow), Maut dan Cinta (Love and Death) and Kuli Kontrak (Contract Coolies). This article will read Mochtar Lubis’ literary works as a form of post-colonial discourse that foregrounds the tension between coloniser and the colonised even as it dismantles Dutch hegemony represented by the bias of enacted laws and one-sided treaties.
Keywords post-colonial, coloniser, natives, bias law, manipulate, deceitful.

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