Malay Literature: Volume 22 Number 2 December 2009 January 4, 2010 ARTICLES

RAHIMAH HAJI A. HAMID Cyber Literature: A Comparative Paper on Malaysian-Indonesian Satirical Poems (SAJEN)
Abstract The massive outburst of information technology in the current globalised era enables anyone to write and publish his or her writings to be read by anyone from all reaches of the globe. Among all works produced are literary works that cover different genres; poems, short stories, serialised novels, essays and literary criticisms, plus others that were grouped together under the ‘Cyber Literature’ category. In poetry, they are an increasing emergence of poets who write humour poems or ‘Sajen’. Most of them produce satirical Sajen poems as a joke, to tease and make fun of people, to criticize and to trigger their sensitivity and creativity. Some of the Sajen poems were made to ‘sting’ in its satirical sense, but some were made just for the sake of producing humour-related works. This essay is made in order to study several Sajen poems by poets from Malaysia and Indonesia who practiced the satirical approach as the analysis structure. A comparative study on Sajen under Cyber Literature from both countries is made not just to see the level of quality of the works done from both nations, but also to raise-up questions, themes and the reasons behind their works.

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